There are a few ways in which a web site can be set out.

The content of the web site will usually help us decide which style is best for you.An effective web site is crucial. Web Users make up their minds very quickly, having the right “look and feel” is important.

Keep it simple, please remember that where the Internet is concerned the term less is more becomes crucial.

The site should not be cluttered with “jargon”. Web users like to browse quickly and understand what is being offered.

Your contact details should be clearly visible or accessible

The use of frames and navigation bars are useful, but are not appropriate in certain sites. We can advise the best set out for your site.

The use of animated images, photographs and text can have a major effect on whether people will use your services, read your information or even return to you site.

We can either visit you to discuss the needs and content or we can publish test Web pages and styles for you to see online.


Different Types Of Set Out And Frames

  • Single Page With Linked Pages
  • See Simple Example Here
  • Two Frame / Side Navigation
  • See Simple Example Here
  • Two Frame / Top Banner
  • See Simple Example Here
  • Three Frame
  • See Simple Example Here
  • And More. Let us help you decide which is best.


You can contact us via E-Mail using the following link


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